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  • product name : DTSY1531,DSSY1531 Three-phase electronic prepaid watt-hour meters
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
  • E-mail : sales@labji.com
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Detailed Instruction


Each performance index DTSY1531 and DSSY1531 series single-phase electronic prepaid watt-hour meter conforms to standard GB/T18460.3-2001 Prepaid watt-hour Meters, and all technical requirements for three-phase electronic watt-hour meters stipulated in standard GB/T 17215-2002 Alternating Current Static Watt-hour Meters for Active Energy(C lasses 1 and 2) .

Produce Specification

Reference voltage

Basic current(max current)


3*1 .5(6)A, 3*3(6)A ,5(6)A


3*1 .5(6)A, 3*3(6)A ,5(6)A


3*1 .5(6)A, 3*3(6)A,3*5(20)A, 3*5(30)A

3*10(40)A, 3* 15(60)A, 3*20(80)A, 3*30(100)A


3* 1.5(6)A, 3*(6)A,3*5(20)A,3*5(30)A, 3* 10(40)A, 3* 15(60)A, 3*20(80)A, 3*30(100)A

Main Technical data

1 .Refference frequency 50Hz

2 .Class index 1 , 2

3 .Data protection:

Date stored time after power off:≥10years

4 .Output contact capacity of relay: AC 220V/1OA

5 .Conditions of environment:

Specified working temperature :-20~45'C Utmost working temperature :-25'C-60'C Relative hmidity: .≤ 85%

There shall be no harmful substances causing corrosion in the air

Main functions

1 . Measure active electric energy, need ' t to be corrected after working a longtime.

2 . Purchase electricity first,then use electricity ;

3 . Alarm for lack of residual electricity

4 . Record information of power utilization

5 . One card is supplied for one user, which has fine cipher identification against counterfeit ;

6 . Display residual electricity,accumulate and alarm electricity ;

7 . Can read user power utilization information backward

8 . Test pulse of electric energy output.

Outline & installation size

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