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  • product name : DT/SS(X)1531 Three-phase electronic combination watt-hour meters for active and reactive energy
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
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Detailed Instruction


DT/SS(X)1531series three-phase electronic combination watt-hour meter for active and reactive energy adopts ultra-low power consumption large-scale integrative circuit technology as well as SMT technology, presents high reliability and long service life,can measure active energy and reactive energy at three-phase power grid of reference frequency 50Hz correctly, each tecnincal index of product conforms to requirements for three­ phase static watt-hour meters for active and reactive energy stipulated in standards GB/T 17215.321-2008 and GB/T 17882-1999.

Produce Specification

Accuracy grade

Active energy: class 1 Reactive energy: class 2

Reference voltage

DSS(X) 1531

3 * 100V 3*380V

DTS(X) 1531

3*57. 7/ 100V 3*220/380V

Basic c urr ent (max current)

3*1.5(6)A ,3*5(20)A ,3*10(40)A ,3*20(80)A, 3*30(100)A

Reference frequency

50 Hz

Main Technical data

1 . Normal working voltage: 0.9Un~1.1Un (Un is reference voltage)

2 . Power caisumption: each voltage circuit power consumption is less than 2W( 1OVA)

3 . Starting current: connected through current transformer active : 0.002In, reactive: 0.003In; connected directly: active :0.004In , reactive:0.005In

4 . Creeping:when voltage circuit voltage is 115% Un , current breaks, the active and reactive output test pulse shall be not more than one.

5 . Error range(%): conform to standardds GB/T172 15.321-2008 and GB/T 17882-1999.

6 . Specified working temperature:-10℃~45℃

Utmost working temperature :-25℃~55℃

7 . Relative humidity :25~90%

Main functions

1 . Measurement function: measure active energy and reactive energy

2 . Supplied with three-phase power, any one phase or two phases fail, the accuracy of measurement isn' t affected.

3 . Output interface: active and reactive and passive pulse output interface with optical coupling isolation

4 . Phase failure indication: Three luminescent tubes

indicates the phase failure,they repr esentsA phase, B phase,C phase respectively,some phase faiures, its corres-ponding indicat or lamp goes out.

Outline & installation size

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