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  • product name : LBM1-100/4300 Molded case circuit-breaker
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
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Detailed Instruction

Scope of Application

LBM1 series moulded case circuit breaker (CM1 MCCB) is an innovation researched and developed by advanced international technology. Its rated insulation voltage is 690V~, suitable for infrequent switching in lines at AC 50HZ , rated operating current of 800A or below and rated voltage of 400V at most . And this product can provide overload, short circuit and low-voltage protection for circuits and electric equipment from being damaged.
According to the rated short-circuit breaking limit capacity(Icu), CM1 MCCB can be divided into different types: C (economic type), L(low), M(middle), H(High).
CM1 series MCCB is characterized by small volume, high breaking capacity, short flashover, vibration resistance, etc. It is an ideal product for land use and ship services.
The circuit breaker can be installed vertically(i.e. Vertical installation), and horizontally(i.e. Horizontal installation). It complies with the following standards:IEC60947-2&GB14048.2.

Applicable Operation Environment
■ Altitude ≤2000 meters
■ Ambient Temperature:-5℃~+40℃(for marine: +45℃)
■ Endurable for moist air, salt mist, oil pollution and nuclear radiation 
■ The maximum installed gradient of circuit breaker is ±22.5°
■ The circuit breaker can work reliably under normal vibration of ship.
■ The circuit breaker can work reliably under earthquake (level 4g).
■ The circuit breaker shall be installed in places free of any explosion risks, conductive dust, corrosion-metal and insulation-damaged gas.
■ Installation should be away from any rain or snow invasion.

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